unanswered question at mountain school of art


you hear that?
whistling sound?
shall we tell them about it?
how many are you?
who is responsible?
who owns the air?
does capitalism erode all pleasure?
yes or no?
what does pleasure erode?
who is this person?
and who is this person?
and who is this person?

sun image
dark object
cease to exist

which is better
vision in motion
or discovering the subconscious ?

let’s back up.
did you see the beach?
did you know there are two species of wildflower that live on antarctica?
how quietly can you speak?
show me?
how far can you see?
questions for women?
yes or no?

image of the sun pendulum

observe the sky?

what is changing?
glacier in retreat or water in advance?
uncertainty or pattern?
(what is) the most beautiful word?
what are some variations?
can you be more specific?
Would you prefer not to?
ask me?

the possible
functions of machines?

inventing things
that can only be made
with tools that don’t exist?

are you an inventor?
have you met?
and have you met?
and have you met?

let’s back up.
what happened earlier?
do you agree?
how many agree?
how many disagree?
is this a good balance?