Speak Your Own Language (2012)

“Speak Your Own Language” (2012)

Recordings of a home-made string instrument with a central bridge (you might call it a “zither”). the design of this instrument, which is played by two players plucking / strumming / striking the strings on opposite sides of the bridge, is such that the actions of a player on one side of the strings effects the tone of the strings played by the other player. as one side of a string vibrates, bends, becomes tight or relaxed, the pitch of the opposite side responds in a mirror-like fashion. harmonies float around, not fixed in place, but come back to rest in a rough middle. the digital version (what you hear here) has undergone an additional process: automated noise-reduction software attempts to discern a “signal” from the background sound of the original recordings, listening for its own version of music ;)

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