Wrong Spectrum

wrong spectrum

“Wrong Spectrum” (2008-Present) is a performance centered on the idea of overlapping and inter-related spectra: rocks collected at the performance site, or reflective materials placed in a beam of light, are used by audience members as instruments to interact with electrical fields, affecting changes in sound and light through the coordinated movement of participants’ bodies. From this basis in slippery interactive effects, the project’s scope expanded to explore the phenomenon of edge-color spectra, in which incremental variations in viewing conditions produce a range of spectral effects.

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“Wrong Spectrum” (2015, 68 pages, color) collects film tests, poetry, texts and collected images that grew out of a research residency at The Exploratorium’s Center for Art and Inquiry. The primary focus is a re-performance of Goethe’s investigations of “edge-color” phenomena. Intended to make a point about the direct relationship between variable conditions and variable outcomes, Goethe’s experiments viewed simple test patterns under a range of environmental conditions, detailing the process by which color perception emerges from the natural world and dislodging the notion of a perceptual “fact” in favor of a spectrum of subjective possibilities.